Heya guys! This is not art related.. but I wanted to ask you guys to take a second of your time to check out my girlfriend’s dog bakery Facebook. She is selling treats to dog owners, and so far, we have been getting a 5 out of 5! If any of you are interested, please take a look! Private message us if you guys are interested!

*Please note that the owner is responsible to see if their dogs are allergic to any ingredients. We are not responsible for any pet’s allergic reactions. We use very simple ingredients (A lot of organic stuff), and we keep things really clean! We feed our dog these all the time. Anyways, please check out our facebook and feel free to “like” if you want!!

Kiki and Coco’s bakery: https://www.facebook.com/kikicocobakery

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    Gotta help support my good friend and Korra background designer Angela Sung’s new dog treat company! Check it out!
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