drawing + master study

the scan did not pick up a lot of lines.. ahh well :)

im trying something new. didnt turn out well.. still trying to figure out a process. Thanks Mr bird for the ref ;)

quick painting sketch

Some paintings. Still trying to work the top one out.. Hopefully.. ONE day.

my piece for Qpop’s Magical Girl Heroines: Sailormoon and Sailor Senshi Tribute ( https://www.facebook.com/events/658896564156271/ ). 

Special Dedication to all the Geminis and Aries. :)

A portrait done a few months back..

and a very old gouache painting of Vasquez rocks. Trying to be better about updating.. Had to touch up the drawing a little due to the graininess of the scan


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Pukeeeee.. having a hard time figuring out what I want. Not proud, but I want to keep posting every week. Which composition works best for you guys?

Some quick thumbnail ideas for class last week. Have a lot of stuff to fix when taking it to a final! The ice one i revised by adjusting shapes last week

Some new thumbnails for class. Okay, that last one isnt really new, but whatever! haha ;)

Im trying to re-do some images from Chrono Trigger. Top is Mount Woe, bottom is the castle of guardia! these are rough thumbnails, trying to test out composition, etc.

*quick* Skyfall study and an old environment from imagination

Late on starting homework. Ah well! Study #1

And a rough block in!

Some backgrounds I painted for Randy Cunningham awhile back. I am not sure who did the layouts, but I thought this was a really fun show to work on :)

Most of it is traditional except for the last piece! Old work! From school! And the last one is from a Story for someone :)

Some recent (yet pathetic amount of) gouache studies. I worked on the thumbnail I had last week.. Too little time :(

(That’s my dog’s fur you see in the top painting)