some super old work. from 4-5 years ago…!

ONTOP OF THAT, i am looking for someone to take over my master bedroom. bathroom included, swimming pool, bbq deck, nice, quiet neighborhood.. work space in the living room, washer and dryer.. LOCATION: north hollywood. please let me know if anyone is interested!!!!

first one was a master study of john berkey!



A short movie which we planned to do many years ago but been cancled for time and resources limitation. Here are some pre-designs.

for those of you who dont know, wolfsmoke is on tumblr! click follow and see some pretty dope updates!


some old paintings


My best friend, Mark Taihei, also known as “iviarker” is doing commissions of exploded views. For all of you who have had boners for Cave Story, he has done a Quote in exploded view. I wish I could show you~ It looks so cool! Please contact him if interested:

For fun! Some referenced off of photos I found on Tumblr.

Some referenced off of other artist. Just playing around :)

A quickie!

Trying something a little different. Feeling not so well lately… anyways, totally inspired off of my friend’s photography..

check her stuff out at very sensitive and emotional pieces :)

Thanks L for the awesome photography!

drawing + master study

the scan did not pick up a lot of lines.. ahh well :)

im trying something new. didnt turn out well.. still trying to figure out a process. Thanks Mr bird for the ref ;)

quick painting sketch

Some paintings. Still trying to work the top one out.. Hopefully.. ONE day.

my piece for Qpop’s Magical Girl Heroines: Sailormoon and Sailor Senshi Tribute ( ). 

Special Dedication to all the Geminis and Aries. :)

A portrait done a few months back..

and a very old gouache painting of Vasquez rocks. Trying to be better about updating.. Had to touch up the drawing a little due to the graininess of the scan


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Pukeeeee.. having a hard time figuring out what I want. Not proud, but I want to keep posting every week. Which composition works best for you guys?

Some quick thumbnail ideas for class last week. Have a lot of stuff to fix when taking it to a final! The ice one i revised by adjusting shapes last week

Some new thumbnails for class. Okay, that last one isnt really new, but whatever! haha ;)